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Agnes Vojta

New out from
Cornerpost Press

Wild Muse is a collection of contemporary poetry engaging Ozarks nature and environment. Some topics and themes explored here are nature's beauty, sense of place, loss of place, environmental diminishment, and human dependence on nature and its sublime indifference to our existence. Combining the best aspects of chapbooks and anthologies, this "chapthology" features extensive selections from the work of nine Ozarks poets (C. D. Albin, Wendy Taylor Carlisle, Paulette Guerin, John J. Han, Phillip Howerton, Gerry Sloan, Mark Spitzer, Agnes Vojta, and Amy Wright Vollmar) providing readers a generous introduction to the voice, style, and perspectives of each writer. In total, this collection presents almost 200 poems and offers biographical material about each poet, discussion of some poems included, and advice and insights about writing nature-based poetry.